Andrew Thompson

Owner/Head Instructor

Andrew has been teaching children, teens, and adults, self defense, martial arts, fitness, and movement for over 27 years. His passion is helping people reach their physical, and mental, strength potential through martial arts and fitness.

Andrew’s background includes:

Krav Maga Certified Instructor
– FAST Defense Master Instructor (adrenal stress response reality based self defense)
– The Pit Hawaiian Kempo L2 instructor under John Hackleman
– CrossPit certified instructor (John Hackleman’s blend of CrossFit and Martial Arts conditioning)
– American Karate 6th Degree Black Belt
– Actively and continuously teaching kids and adults martial arts since 1990
– Spartan SGX certified coach (Spartan Race’s fitness program)
– Strength Calisthenics Certification under Al Kavadlo
– Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach